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We leverage decades of operational experience across disciplines, industries, and international geographies to distil the effective from the functional and the specific from the generic.

Encore Mindseek is a boutique firm that offers detailed, nuanced, and customised people-centric business solutions. Our partners are career practioners - Business and HR professionals as well as entrepreneurs, each trained by the world's elite institutions and with decades of experience under the belt. Critically, we are able to view  your ambitions and challenges just as you see them, and not as abstract issues with theoretical solutions. 


We are highly selective about our clients, and work with only a handful at a time. We prefer to work with organisations with an appetite for change, and leadership teams that are committed to sustainably transforming their prople, culture, and performance - not those looking for quick-fixes to short term challenges or ambitions.


While we can take on conventional, vanilla projects that focus on working on your HR policies  , enhancing your compensation structure, advise on business vision and strategy, or help you create an international expansion plan, we specialise in solutions that demand a more joined-up, people- and process-centric view. After all, what are systems and processes without the people responsible for them?




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Every business is different, and so are the solutions required to maximise its potential. Our collective decades of real-world practitioner experience across industries, domains, and geographies enable us to discern the nuances involved and to work out custom solutions based on your specific needs.

Our Partners have direct practitioner experience in automotive, FMCG, banking & finance, media, infrastructure, consumer brands, food & drink, manufacturing, technology, retail & distribution, pharmaceuticals, supply chain & distribution, and steel sectors, amongst many other, across India, South & South-East Asia, UK & Europe, and the Middle East.


You know your business best. We, however, bring an unbiased, external view to analyse how the various elements of your business slot together as well as what gaps and interdependencies exist that hold the business back from exploiting its true potential - all with the incumbent leaders in mind.

We do not focus on advising you on how to grow your business or on how to scale up. Rather, we devote our collective experience and energies on empowering you and your team, on developing your own organisational capabilities, to grow or scale sustainably.

How do we enhance your capabilities? By doing a deep dive  into your organisation, its processes and systems, its unique challenges, and most importantly, its people - especially the leadership team.

Our deep dives can be as deep as you like, but we always recommend that they include your people, especially those at the helm or those in key positions.

We dive deep into Performance, Psychology, and the Culture Dynamics within your organisation and carefully extract the most important factors that have the greatest influence on outcomes. We then craft highly specifc and customised recommendations which we implement together with your team. At the end of the engagement, we leave you more empowered and more equipped to manage future challenges on your own.

You define what is important to you. Shareholder value? Investment readiness? Cultural change? Growth? Ethics / CSR? 

We can empower you to make it happen sustainably. 

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If you would like to learn more about us, about the services we offer, or how we work, or if you would simply like a no-nonsense chat with us, click here get in touch. 

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