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Looking for your next C level Executive, Board Member, or Senior Leader? We put our extensive networks, industry knowledge, and relationships to work for you.

Executive transition is a high stake activity critical to the future of your organisation. Finding candidates who not only excel in skills, but who are the best match for your organisation's culture and values, is of paramount importance. 

We help you build the senior leadership teams that have the skills, experience, and the influence to get the entire organisation to rally around the company's vision.


CEOs / Managing Directors

Technology Officers

Strategy Officers

Operational Officers

HR Officers

Financial Officers

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We aim to bring transparency and rigour into the search process by first achieving critical insight into the nuances that set the individual organisation and role apart, and then by assessing shortlisted candidates using proven methodologies and frameworks to reveal their leadership potential and fit.



The Executive search process is a partnership that involves establishing a keen understanding the organisation's goals, values, and culture. This means interacting closely not only with the recruitment team but with the rest of the leadership team so we can identify candidates that best match the organisation's needs.


We leverage our extensive networks to identify and engage with potential candidates, before interacting with them closely to understand their own individual skill sets, capabilities, and career ambitions. This ensures that their personal values align as closely as possible with those of the organisation, and allow the selected candidate to not only hit the ground running, but to assume a role of influence from the get go.

Search Process

We employ a sharply focused yet agile approach to the search process, continually evaluating business needs with candidate fit. On the one hand this enables the business needs to stay alive to opportunities through an ongoing dialogue between the organisation, the recruitment team, us, and shortlisted candidates. On the other hand the approach allows candidates to understand the organisations ambitions, values, and culture.

Search Team

The Executive Search function is managed directly by a Partner in the Encore Mindseek team, each leveraging their decades-long experience, industry knowledge, and extensive network to find the most suitable candidates. Our Partners are former practitioners who come from diverse industries like Automotive, Banking, Technology, Pharmaceuticals, FMCG, Media, Manufacturing, Finance, and Food & Drink.  

Yes, retaining an executive search firm will mean an investment, but ask yourself how much it would cost the business to make the wrong hire, or for the role to remain vacant while you try to fill it yourself?

Board Room



Return on Investment

The investment you make in the search process will far outweight the cost of hiring the wrong candidate or of delaying the hire.



We hold privacy and discretion at the heart of everything we do. We provide an 'under the radar' service, protecting the trust of both employers and candidates.


Probability of Success

At the highest levels the clock starts ticking the moment you decide to hire. The cost and business implications of delays demand an approach that ensures the best odds of success.


Access to Passive Candidates

Most candidates at the seniormost level operate at high levels of discretion and are unlikely to appear on normal radars. Our networks and contacts enable access to a far larger pool of suitable candidates than would otherwise be possible.


Immediate Impact

With senior hires you need an experienced hand who can take quick charge, not someone who takes six months to gain traction.



We operate as your partners, working closely with your teams on a retained model, taking on only a handful of assignments at any given time. 




Work closely with your recruiting and leadership  teams to understand the role, requirements, as well as the organisational culture.



Create longlist, followed by shortlist of the candidates with the best fit, including a a review of availability, compensation benchmarking.


Assess / Interview

Fully managed assessment and interview process, including testing and referencing.



Liaisoning and closing with your chosen candidate, and ensuring successful onboarding and integration within the business.

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Looking for your next executive role?

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