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We have decades of experience managing, improving, and crafting business and people strategies, policies, and systems, both as practitioners as well as consultants and advisors.

All our Partners and Senior Consultants are ex-practitioners who have been there, done it (maybe not got the t-shirt, though), each with decades of hard operational experience in their respective domain.

The industries we have direct experience in include Automotive, Food & Drink, Insurance, Banking, Pharmaceuticals, FMCG, Media, Rural Operations, Consumer Electronics, Steel, Manufacturing, Engineering, and many more.


Our specialist strengths lie in management consulting, business vision & strategy, operational transformation, brand & product launch strategy, people management, and HR systems and policies, but the width and depth of our operational and consulting experience give us the ability to offer meaningful interventions no matter the area you seek help in.

We pride ourselves on our commitment to standing by you through the project and beyond, and are not afraid of going the extra mile. 


Budget accurately and easily for your Business and HR consulting services.

Having an Encore Mindseek retainer agreement is like having an in-house Business and HR advisor within your team. A named advisor will be available whenever you have HR issues, challenges, or questions, for a fixed monthly cost. This could be the implementation of a new Performance Management System, or the setting up of core business and product strategy. We could even sit in on Board Meetings to help guide policy or strategic decisons. We have the experience and expertise to deliver at all levels.


No ongoing commitment.
Small or large projects.

Whether it's a one-off requirement or a long-term project, we can work on an ad-hoc basis charging you at highly competitive rates for only the hours we work for you. We have worked on large, multi-functional, and long-term projects for many clients, while many others regularly call on us when they need advice on restructuring, managing performance systems, or HR policies. Whatever it is, you can always expect the same excellent, customised, and insight-driven advice and level of service from us.



Business Strategy

A successful business hinges on a strong strategic platform and informed decision-making. Whether it is the creation of a unifying and achievable vision or the finalisation and implementation of your core brand and product positioning, we can step in to help you ensure that your organisation's foundations are designed for success.

People & HR

People Intervention

Every organisation, large or small, relies on effective internal people dynamics, at all hierarchical levels, in their drive towards performance. When an intervention is required, however, we can step in and recommend, or help implement, active measures required to take organisational culture and people dynamics to the next level and beyond.

People & HR



As you dig deep operationally on a day to day basis, how able are you to keep abreast with your leadership team culture and performance, or with how they are evolving as they grow in their roles? Our Gap Analysis exercises use proven tools and techniques to effectively measure existing gaps and return targeted corrective measures. 

People & HR

Performance Systems

Employees respond actively to positive performance triggers embedded within the organisation's systems. The triggers could be systemic, financial, behavioural or cultural. We can help design the right performance system to improve individual and collective performance, implement it, and then manage it until your people are ready to take it over. 


Growth Strategies

Do you know where your business is heading, or whether it is meeting its full growth potential? Examples could include increasing market share and revenue, adding strategically to your product portfolio, or improving your organisation's service and support capabilities. We can help you take a step back and think strategically about your goals and objectives, and about how to align your actions with them.

People & HR

Behavioural Evaluation

It's not only your senior team's operational skills that matter, but their ability to lead and influence the rest of the organisation. What drives them? What is their individual leadership style? What personal obstacles impede them in extracting the best from their teams? Our tools dig deep into individual psyche and behaviour, offering detailed tips and corrective measures.

People & HR



Organising your company's HR policies and need help to make sure the policies are right for the organisation? Our experts have decades of experience in setting up integrated policies that fit right into the organisational structure.


Product Strategy

Making sure your product portfolio is optimised is criticial to success. This includes ensuring that you are selling the right combination of products, positioned appropriately against each other and against competitor products, and priced to sell at the optimal margin and sales volume. It is your product strategy that will feed into your sales and marketing strategies, so get this wrong and you are likely to get everything else wring too. We help you get it right.

People & HR



How well do you understand what your senior employees think and feel about the organisation, its performance, systems, and direction? Our employee surveys dig deep into each individual views of themselves, of their teams, of the organisation, and its operations, The result? A detailed anaylsis of how integrated  - or how alienated - your most important employees feel, and therefore of what you must change. 




Whether you are a young business or an established organisation of many decades' standing, the strategy behind any new brand or sub-brand is the vital starting point that moulds, fashions, and dictates the rest of the venture. While there is no substitute for the hard experience you have gained in running your business, it is imperative that you use data and structured processes to arrive at a brand strategy that is designed for success.

People & HR

Employer Branding

You have a great product or service brand. However, how aware are you of how proud your current employees are of working with you, or of how attractive you are to potential high-performing hires in the future? If you agree that your people are your biggest asset you will also agree that attracting and retaining the best, through the best employer brand, is incredibly important to your future.


Operational Transformation

Even mature, multi-layered businesses risk not evolving fast enough with changing market needs. We have found this to be as true to SME businesses as to multi-billion USD corporations. We can help you identify and remove operational roadblocks, transform dated business structures, and identify and implement measures that can become springboards for success.  




We always say it as it is, are honest in our appraisal, and work in your best interests.  
We will always protect your data, your trade secrets, and your IP. 


Our lead consultants each has decades of  former practitioner experience as business managers, leaders, and entrepreneurs, and get where you are coming from - we understand, and appreciate, the practical challenges you face on a day to day basis.


No generic cookie-cutter approach - we always  work towards solutions tailor-made for your own unique circumstances and challenges. Our practitioner experience helps us empathise with your particular challenges.


We take ownership of the work we do, and fully commit to your success. We will go out of our way to help, no matter the fine print in our contract.



Go through our healthcheck guide to find out

EnCore Mindseek can intervene in any business or people management area and partner with you in creating turnaround strategies.

We have a practical, cost effective and systems-based approach and ensure results.

We are currently delivering projects in Product Strategy, Business Turaround, Organization Development, Compensation & Benefits, Leadership Development & Feedback, HR Policies, Quality systems, Employer Brand Amplification, and much more.

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