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The Client

One of India's leading brands in its industry segment, and a well-established 30-year old manufacturing company. Based in North India, the business has seen the ups and downs associated with any industry but remains a forward-looking and ambitious company.  


The Problem Statement:  Looking to achieve rapid growth over the next few years the business was introducing a new flagship product to the market and sought to put into place a competitive product strategy

The company and its management were highly experienced in the domain but recognised the importance of a methodical data- and analytics-based approach to the formation of its new product and launch strategies. The exercise was to complement experience- and gut-based influencers and provide a structured framework for decision-making. 


The Solution: A comprehensive new product and launch strategy 

Encore Mindseek started with data collection on the brand, business, products, and people. This was followed by a thorough investigation of the competitive landscape, industry trends, market economics, and consumer needs. A systematic multi-pronged application of proven methodologies as well as custom-analysis of the results was used to establish core branding strategy for sustainable competitiveness, product positioning for best strategic success, and optimal pricing for revenue and income growth. The strategic decisions were then fed into the product's marketing and sales strategy for the most favourable results.  

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