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The Client

A leading family-run Real Estate company with 140+ projects completed over the last three decades and various projects currently underway, including several green buildings. Multiple Economic Times and Realty Plus Excellence Awards Winner.  


The Problem Statement: Hierarchy Challenges

The company’s two founders both inducted their next generation heirs into the business, which was followed by significant challenges including crisscrossed reporting lines, contradictory instructions by senior management, and loss of operational efficiency. A major challenge for the founders was balancing the hierarchical needs of the young inductee executives with their individual skill sets and the organization’s strategic and operational requirements, all within a seamless, efficient, and politically correct framework.

The business needed to achieve clear operational hierarchy, role structure, and job responsibilities to not only get back to the operational levels from before, but to set itself up for future growth.


The Solution: Remapping and redrawing the organization structure

Our team did a deep dive into the organizational set-up - both in the hard, operational sense and in the soft, sensitive sense. A role-clarity exercise was conducted where the leadership roles were defined and mapped for the complete organization, highlighting the overlapping roles & the ones which were falling between the stools.

Post the role-clarity exercise, a detailed organization structure was drawn out for the top management with clear and well-defined division of administration - clearly demarcating the roles, areas of work, & responsibilities.

The Result

The team took care to account for personal attributes and team skills as well as for the practical, politically sensitive matters pertaining to the relationships between the individuals and personalities involved, to ensure a seamless and sustainable transition to the new set-up. This enabled the company to get back to its heyday in terms of operational productivity and efficiency, setting itself up for the next phase in its growth.

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