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We reach the innermost, most isolated, regions of rural India and the local communities there, to educate and to inform, as well as to collect data and to gather insight.

EnCore Mindseek is currently working in the innermost, often the most inaccessible regions, of certain parts of rural India, connecting villages and communities, local government machinery, and independent funds, to educate, encourage, and guide populations, dispel myths, encourage adherence to Covid-safety norms, and promote vaccination uptake. Advisory

Covid 19

In spite of best collective efforts of the state and private sectors, large swathes of rural India have missed out on many of the preventative and remedial measures rolled out since the start of the Covid-19 pandemic. Inadequate health infrastructure and lack of awareness in rural communities are further creating a widening urban-rural divide. This could not only be the source of new pandemic waves, but also spawn new variants.

Image by Tom Chen

We are currently kicking off a project in a South-Indian state with the aid of the state government and private funds. 

EnCore Mindseek's community outreach efforts are partnered by the state and local governments, private corporations operating in the local areas, local NGOs, primary health centres, as well as village cooperatives and gram panchayats. 


If you would like to learn more about what we do, or wish to get involved with any of our Community Outreach projects, please get in touch

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