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Image by Clayton Cardinalli


The Client

One of India's biggest manufacturers of essential components for the engineering, earth moving, agriculture, mining, and aircraft industries. The manufacturing facilities are spread over multiple sites operated by 500+ employees. Spread over 200,000 sq. ft. all the facilities are state of the art set ups manned by highly skilled engineers and technicians. 


The Problem Statement:  The prevailing performance management system was dysfunctional, leading to ad hoc performance appraisals and no sync with company performance

Having faced the challenges through the Covid pandemic, the company management desired to get back on the growth curve and realised the need for employees across all hierarchies to be fully aligned and incentivised in line with organisational objectives. It was deemed especially important for the leadership teams and heads of departments to be aligned and incentivised objectvely and for the process improvements to be filtered down the hierarchy.


The Solution: A bespoke, redesigned Performance Management System 

Encore Mindseek started with comprehensive, individual interviews of all incumbent departmental heads to gather insights into the prevailing system and the employee mindset surrounding it. Key Result Areas for around two dozen critical employees were developed over several rounds, followed by detailed, objective, and measurable targets in sync with organisational objectives. These were then translated into performance scorecards for the concerned individuals, with actual performance to be recorded on a monthly basis.

No Performance Management System is complete until it it encompasses all levels of management; the KRAs and performance scorecards were then put in place for 150+ employees at managerial and supervisory levels, all objectively in line with the KRAs and targets filtering down from their individual line managers.

Measures were then taken to ensure that the system was embedded in place, to be taken over and run by company management. 

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