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advisory services

We have decades of experience managing, improving, and crafting HR and People strategies, policies, and systems, both as practitioners as well as consultants and advisors.

We have a strong foundation in Human Resources Management and Organization Development, and recognize how your organization thrives or flounders on the quality of your people and organisational set up.


WHAT WE OFFER our clients

Organisation Design

HR Policies

HR Audit

Statutory Audit

Job Evaluation

Employer Branding

People Intervention

Compensation Survey

Custom Solutions

EnCore Mindseek can intervene in any people management area and partner with you in creating turnaround strategies.

We have a practical, cost effective and systems-based approach and ensure results.

We are currently delivering projects in Organization Development, Compensation & Benefits, Leadership Development & Feedback, HR Policies, Quality systems, Employer Brand Amplification, and much more.

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