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Browse through our FAQs below.

  • What do you mean by Business and People Solutions? What services, exactly, can I expect?
    Encore Mindseek offers a range of solutions that include: 1. Management consulting and advisory services on business strategy, brand strategy, product strategy, operations, systems, and decision-making, amongst others, 2. Human Resource consulting and advisory services on HR systems and policies, performance systems, leadership skills gap analysis, behavioural evaluation, employer branding, and many more, 3. Recruitment and Talent Search services, 4. Executive Search Services, and 5. Strategic holistic solutions that utilize combinations of some or all of the above. This means we are able to intervene and help with a significant array of business needs, no matter the size or type of business, or industry.
  • What does an integrated view of Business and People mean to me as the leader of my organisation?
    An organisation’s vision, strategy, and systems are only as good as the people and teams managing them. A success story, therefore, does not depend on discretely on several well-managed individual components, but on how well integrated the solutions are within the organisation including, critically, the company’s leadership, culture, performance orientation, etc. This is not a view that is very commonly spoken about, but that is because consultants and advisory firms are either specialists in their own field without the holistic perspective and/or skills required to adopt an end-to-end view of an organisation’s needs, or are too focused on providing the services their clients want rather than what they really need. At Encore Mindseek, however, our Partners are former practitioners with decades of experience each and come from diverse backgrounds and industries. They include former corporate officers and startup founders, career HR specialists and business management experts. They have managed teams of hundreds and have created brands and gained experience in international business. We use an integrated approach that not only evaluates an organisation’s business needs but also how the incumbent individuals and teams are equipped and able to implement the changes required, or vice versa.
  • How do you combine or integrate the various success factors in practice?
    We utilize the depth and breadth of experience by ensuring that all projects we undertake have at least two Partners from diverse backgrounds involved, including one with expertise and experience in people and performance management. This gives us an unparalleled opportunity to evaluate the client’s circumstances and needs from several angles and viewpoints, and arms us with the ability to offer the most holistic and practical solutions possible. We try and do this whether or not the client specifically requests, with the client’s best interests in mind.
  • Is there a financial or commercial implication, for your clients, of the integrated and holistic solution-finding approach?
    Absolutely not! The integrated approach is simply what we do to identify the best and most practical solutions for our clients. This adds zero additional cost to the client.
  • So what could an integrated solution look like?
    As far as the headline is concerned, it will be what you expect and not visibly different. However, you will find, in our investigations, research, analysis, and reports, an undercurrent of this integrated approach. What this means is that each process will include an examination of the solution with regard to the client’s current circumstances, the leaders running and managing the organisation, and people and the teams operating it, with a view to ensuring that any proposed solutions are strategically sound and eminently implementable.
  • Do you have examples of the kinds of work you have done?
    Yes, of course. Simply head down to our Client Stories page here to see a short subset of the projects we have worked on. Feel free, then, to ping us to have an informal no-obligation conversation to explore if we could add value to your organisation.
  • Which industries do you recruit for?
    EnCore Mindseek works across all sectors and industries, and across all seniority or hierarchical levels. The number of jobs on the list at any given time may reflect the demand or job churn in the market, but we have clients from IT/ Technology to Hydraulics, and from Chemicals to Healthcare.
  • What are the EnCore Mindseek senior recruitment executives like?
    All our partners and senior executives dealing with recruitment have been practictioners before, have spent long periods in business and industry, have succcessfully applied to several jobs themselves, and have recruited thousands of candidates between them. They understand recruitment from the candidates perspective as well as that of the employer. EnCore Mindseek's reruitment partners are experienced recruiters and HR experts, both at the practice and advisory level, and have worked for or advised very many business of all sizes, from SMEs to global industrial leaders.
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